Self-publishing on a Budget

When I published The Puzzle Master on Amazon and Smashwords I took all the advice the respective platforms offered; get it professionally edited, get a professionally designed cover made, get someone to do the formatting for you because it’s frustrating and complicated. Overall I must have spent around £700+ (around $1,250).  Neither Amazon nor Smashwords charge for you to upload your masterpiece, but by the time you do everything they suggest you’re in the hole for quite a bit and you’re going to have to shift quite a few e-books before you even cover your costs.   So when I got around to writing and publishing Inspector Norse – The Yuletide Murders, I was all out of funds. What to do?

Well, I think I did a pretty good job on the editing front. It takes time, and it’s tedious, and your bound to miss a few things, but Inspector Norse is being sold for just 99p/99c so I think a buyers expectations need to keep that in mind. My wife Helen came up with a fantastic cover which I think is much better than the one I paid $150 for from a so-called professional. Together, we were able to crack the rather opaque instructions in the Smashwords Style Guide.

Don’t be discouraged by the hurdles that seem to be in the way when you want to make your work available to the buying public. Quality is essential; quality writing, a quality story, and quality presentation. But these goals are not insurmountable. Take a look at Norse and let me know what you think.

One thought on “Self-publishing on a Budget

  1. Stephen,

    Regarding editing on a budget, did you consider a beta reader exchange with a fellow author? It helps to get a different set of eyes on a work, and these kind of arrangements, while maybe not a replacement for a professional editor, are a cheap alternative.



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