Teeing it up for Hillary

Four more years?  Try twelve.  Obama has made immigration reform a priority for his next term, telling Spanish language tv channel Univision that he would bring it forward in “the first year of my second term”.  The administration has already tipped its hat towards the Hispanic electorate by giving the children of illegal immigrants a path to citizenship.  Next on the agenda will be the legitimization of the 12 or so million illegal workers in the United States, the vast majority of whom are Hispanic.  That’s a lot of votes, three quarters of which are likely to go Democrat.

The presidential race for 2016 beckons, when a clean slate of candidates will stand.  Hillary’s chance may yet come.  She’ll be 69 by that time, but Ronald Reagan was a similar age and went on to serve two terms.  With a grateful, and enlarged, Hispanic electorate leaning heavily towards the Democratic Party, who would bet against her?

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